Hi there - so Happy you landed here.

Now that you’ve entered “mid-life” – have you been wondering What’s Next?

oh good..because NOW is the time to decide what you want to be when you grow up!

Do the meaningful things you’ve always wanted to do

 Live the fulfilling Life you’ve always dreamed about

I’m too old – what’s the point

“At my age……..”

I know exactly how you feel – my entire life I’ve felt like I was “Late to the Party.”

graduated college – later than most, had a child – a little later than most

got married for the first time at 44 – much later than most 

starting a new business venture in my 50’s – late, late, late


Your Journey Starts Here...






Have you ever stopped to realize ~
This could be the start of the next 50 years!

Let me inspire you to change what’s been holding you back and help you design your

2nd half to be your BEST half!

“Your Heart knows the way – run in that direction”  RUMI

Wanted to share this with you!!😇During my meditation this morning, I asked for a "sign" that I was on the right path. …and I specifically asked for that sign to be an OWL. (OK I wanted it to be a peacock 🦚 but thought that was like asking for unicorn. 🤣😂 🤔 so I settled on an owl ~ a wise owl. Then I headed out for a morning walk but had to take a different route, because there were so many golfers. and Look 👀what I found!! 😍 This random OWL statue in the pool area of someone’s yard. ❓Who else asks for (and LOOKS for) signs from the universe? ❤️😇🦉 See MoreSee Less
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