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Let’s quench that thirst.

RIPE or ROTTEN ? Your life, Your choice

Time to focus on a RIPE reset


* you have no idea where to start

* you don’t know how

* you feel like you’re living in a fog

* you have too many responsibilities

* you’re worried it’ll take too much time

* you have little or no support

and just let those ROTTEN regrets go

Regrets about doing what was always EXPECTED of you vs. what was in your HEART:

  • Putting yourself last –  busy fulfilling your “roles” of Mom, Wife, Employee, Neighbor, Sister, Daughter
  • Becoming complacent – (not staying challenged, learning or growing)
  • Not nurturing lasting friendships – we’re not meant to do life alone – just ask Rose, Blanche, Dorothy or Sofia
  • “Settling” in that comfort zone from 90’s – no, this is NOT as good as it gets
  • Ignoring the voice inside -(that’s your soul reminding you that you’re meant for more)
  • Making decisions out of fear instead of love
  • Letting the past define your future – 
  • Neglecting your self-care (mentally, physically & emotionally) 
  • Living your life by default (not by design)

LOSING YOURSELF in the process?  

It’s a simple shift - once you focus on a Re-set - your life will ripen & get sweeter by the day

Imagine living a life committed to:

  • Answering your soul’s calling
  • Learning to make yourself a priority
  • Developing healthy self-care habits
  • Finding the confidence to pursue what YOU really want
  • Experiencing community, friendships & connection on a deeper level
  • Being consistent in growing and challenging yourself
  • Having the confidence to speak up & know that your voice, opinion & perspective matters.
  • Designing a life you love to live
  • Discovering how to laugh & have fun again. 
  • Turning your “life lemons” into a source of strength   

the Juicy Life membership community - exclusively for Women over 50:

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It's not always about going faster or farther - maybe it's more about
taking your foot off the brake - shifting from "park" to GO!

You don't get old based on how many years you've lived.
You get old because you've stopped living / checked out.
It's all about your decisions~ not your conditions.
marjorie adams-fiore

Make this the day you decided to change your life. Not the day you decided to do nothing...again.


* You’re ready for more “elite” friendships – not the surface kind.

* You’re ready to become part of something bigger & re-define this 2nd chapter.

You’re know you’re worth the minimal investment in creating the future you DESERVE.

* You’re ready to contribute to & support other members.

* You can carve out 1 hour a week to work on YOU!

YES!!! You know the 2nd chapter can be the BEST chapter.

You realize what’s gotten you this far won’t get you where you to go.  

You understand it all comes down to this:     CHOICES = CHANGE  


You’re a contributing member of a thriving community of like-minded women ALL looking to redesign their 2nd chapter.

The community becomes your “go-to” source for ideas, inspiration, solutions, self-discovery & growth.

You’ve developed authentic, nurturing friendships and look forward to popping into the community a few times a week to share big “wins,” “a-ha” moments & to ask for support. 

This could be your new reality ..  

YOU are worth the investment to do the work & FINALLY answer your Soul’s calling

This quote by Hillel the Elder says it all:      “If not now, WHEN?”  What if THIS is the right time (I added that last part…)  :))

It’s time to take ACTION and stop DREAMING, WISHING & WAITING. 


#1:  You don’t have the TIME:  (hmm – this is your LIFE we’re talking about).  Spending time on self-development & self-growth is absolutely the BEST use of your time. 

#2:  You don’t have the MONEY:   think of your risk ($27)  /  reward (unlimited Happiness) ratio.  How would your life improve if you got even 1 new idea, developed 1 new habit, got 1 spark of motivation or made 1 new, authentic friend?

What value do you put on your Happiness?  Think about that seriously…..what could possible be more important?

#3: This won’t work for me/my situation?   Our situations and experiences will all be unique – but the beauty of a community is that we can share those unique experiences & benefit from the collective wisdom and different perspectives. 

Total value of:

 The Juicy Life Membership  (like $ 3 gazillion dollars)

Total cost:  $27.00/month

**Here’s where a fast-acting bonus should be…??

but since I’m not selling you, I’m “serving” you – my only BONUS is endless Ripple effects (priceless)

(imagine how you’d show up – if you were living a LIFE you loved?!

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