Are you living in a Gray Twilight?

Gray can be sophisticated in clothing and interiors …

not so much if you’re using it to describe your life!

Do you suffer from “Average Intolerance?”  Do ever find yourself getting restless at the day-to-day?

Tired up putting up with being “OK?”

Frustrated by just trying to get through your daily list of responsibilities with no real sense of fulfillment or joy ….

no highs, no lows, just more of the same (with a little resentment sprinkled in)

You blink and realize the months & years are passing by and you’re in exactly the same spot emotionally, spiritually and financially?

Grey Twilight

I could never figure out if I’m one of those people who is never satisfied – or – if I suffer from Average Intolerance?

Truthfully, it’s a little bit of both.

Craving Change

As much as I crave discipline, routine and consistency – I also crave new challenges.  Constantly enrolling in courses, trying to figure out how to make money online, attending seminars or researching a potential trip.

The year I turned 50 I went to a fitness retreat for 3 weeks to challenge myself physically and mentally.  I wanted a completely different environment where it would be impossible for me to continue with my unhealthy routines.  We were up at 5:30 AM (I was not an early riser) and in the gym by 6:00.  Our daily schedule was full of different workouts and activities – both indoors and out.  I would get back to my room with just enough time to write in my journal, soak my achy body in an Epsom salt bath and get to bed by 8:30.

We followed this exact schedule for 3 solid weeks – taking Sundays off as a “rest ?” day.

The journal I kept during that retreat is still a huge source of inspiration.

Born Awesome


We all need to figure out what inspires us.  There are endless ways to find inspiration – music, art, novels, physical activities, live events, podcasts, the list goes on and on.  Most of us end up using a combination of things.

One way I find quick inspiration is through quotes – they can be funny, serious, powerful or even light-hearted but I LOVE reading Quotes.

Quotes can be really powerful and a great way to get us inspired or to provide comfort.  It’s crazy “wise words – said by somebody else – can help us find perspective or guidance.  I can be going through a tough situation and will see a quote that immediately snaps me back into reality.

Quotes have the impact of raising our awareness so we can see past the drama or pain and be laser-focused on what’s really important.  It helps you shift to an outsider looking in on the situation vs. being in the middle of it.

I found this particular quote a long time ago and it left a major impression on me.  I can’t explain why my brain chose this one as such a constant guide for my life ~ but I guess the Universe sends us the messages we need most.

Dare might things!

I’ve always interpreted this message as describing two different ways to live your life.

Option 1  – is to go for it – “dare mighty things”  – knowing that the result will either be crazy success or big-time failure.

Option 2 – is to live in that safe zone ….so you avoid failure.  This option reminds me of older generations who worked in manufacturing or held the same job their entire life.   That’s impressive and shows amazing loyalty – but I couldn’t imagine working at the same place/doing the same job for 30 years……it’d be too easy to fall into the trap of settling into your comfort zone, – accepting that’s your limit and there is nothing else to strive for………..This is NOT how we are meant to live our most dynamic lives!

Option 1 is a much better approach because even if you try and fail – you will have learned something.   At a minimum, you’ll gain a new perspective, learn a new lesson, earn more experience and gain more courage…..  and if you try and SUCCEED…..well, that’s a HUGE win!

Don’t settle for living in a GRAY TWILIGHT – pick a brighter color!

What are some things you obsess over or are intolerant of? (besides anything animal or child-related – rest assured we’re all on the same page there!)

What are some areas of your life that could use some brightening up?