9 Awesome Life Principles you need to be practicing!

When’s the last time you heard a great speaker LIVE….. I mean actually in person?

I LOVE that the internet has endless motivational speeches and inspirational videos available 24/7. I try to watch one every single day as part of my morning routine.

Wise Words

What I love even more is hearing great life lessons directly from the source.  Seeing & hearing a Speaker deliver their message engages all my senses. Their presentation quickly moves from “words I’m hearing” to the “experience I’m having.”

Are you ready for an extra dose of wisdom and motivation?

How about 9 extra doses?

If you’re more of the “instant gratification” type – then go ahead & scroll below to my top 9 principles!

SUCCESS Magazine live event

“Under promise and waaaay over deliver” must have been the theme for the SUCCESS magazine event I went to.  It wasn’t marketed like that – but it’s exactly what they did!

I started shaking my head in disbelief when I found out the schedule had NINETEEN (!) people on it.  That’s a TON of GREAT speakers at one event. …..even though I was only familiar with about half of the scheduled line-up, not one single speaker was anything less than amazing!   

Knowing I hit the “maximum-wisdom-under-one-roof” jackpot – I morphed into a human sponge and soaked up every word of enlightenment.

Fortunately for you – I summarized my messy notebook in this post. 

It was incredible to listen as each of these thought-leaders explained their personal guidelines & life principles.

Most of them took it a step further and detailed their framework & what that looked like in their everyday life. 

Hearing those real-life stories made their messages 1000x’s more inspiring than if I was just reading about them in a book – kind of like you are now. (sorry) 

OK let’s get to it –

Common themes  

Sprinkled throughout most of the talks were messages centered around “Service” and “Mindset.”

Some of the presentations were short and sweet, others seemed more impromptu and a few were Q & A format. 

Service –  

  • “Do the right things for the right people and success will come”- Chalene Johnson
  • “It’s not about what I can make, it’s about what I can give away” – Pastor John Gray
  • “It’s about THEM and how you make them feel” – Dean Graziosi

Mindset –  

  • “Comparison is ultimate misery … only comparison should be to the “me” of yesterday” – Peter Voogd
  • “Imagination is Preview of what’s to come.  Work on your Mind – you have to Believe in your Dream” – Les Brown
  • “Develop your mindset (Matrix has you) you can get good at anything…it’s a decision – Belief is a decision” – Tom Bilyeu
Schedule Goal Reminders on your phone

Here’s a helpful TIP: schedule reminders (quotes, goals, affirmations) on your phone to “ding” you at certain times. EVERY~ Single~Day. This is a screenshot of my phone.

(1) The “Success of 1” needs to be a blessing for all – whatever comes to you in this lifetime you must look and say, how can I lift someone else up. Who will be impacted by what I’m doing today/now?      – Pastor John Gray   

(2) Be the example – the person you want THEM to be.  Be the mirror/model (eat your own dog food) – Dean Graziosi 

(3) To build a great, authentic life –you need great, authentic relationships.  Great relationships are built out of generosity and authenticity.  Don’t create a culture where you’re “mediocre” or surrounded by YES people.  – Keith Ferrazzi 

(4) Don’t die only to realize you’ve never lived.  Give before you Ask.  What will be different because you showed up? We have too many distractions….what dreams, gifts, or talents will die with you?  Align yourself with OQP=”only quality people”…need to let go or be dragged. Fail yourself to Success.     – Les Brown   

Love me some Les Brown – that man is a powerhouse of inspiration.  If you’ve never listened to one of his videos – take a sec and check this out!

(5) What you don’t deal with will eventually deal with you!    – Simon T. Bailey 

Ohhhhh this simple statement is crystal clear. Don’t wait for your “XXXX” to eventually deal with you. For me this was alcohol– read more about my story here.

(6) Discipline = Freedom Jocko Willink  (that principle is also the name of his latest book)

This guy is total intimidation!  He’s doesn’t just look like a tough guy– he’s the REAL Deal – if Google needed an image for “badass” he’d be it. This retired decorated Navy Seal commander realized his leadership skills could be used in other areas. A few ways he’s applied his intensity includes becoming an author, speaker and hosting a weekly podcast.

I’m wildly impressed because he’s crazy-disciplined & accomplished! Discipline has always been a huge personal goal of mine. I know discipline creates my habits & habits create my routines & routines create my……you get it.

(7) If you have a problem that can be solved by action…then you don’t have a  problem.  – Mel Robbins    

Mel talks to me the way I talk to myself – direct and no bullshit. She explained that self-doubt is a thinking pattern or decision not to try & that Confidence is the decision to be willing to try.  If you haven’t already – you should check out her 35 day #MindsetReset program – free on Youtube.

I can’t wait for her new talk show in the Fall of 2019!!  We need her~

(8) Put nothing above being a world-class human being in all areas.  – Peter Voogd  

That pretty much covers it all -right?  He said the first step is to get Clarity on exactly WHO you are, WHO you aren’t (this was an interesting twist) and WHAT you want. 

2 other tips he mentioned were to: (1) get addicted to the end result (working out, business goals, etc.) and (2) to shift your circle of influence to people playing a bigger game!

Same thing Les Brown said above “let go (of your loser or downer friends) or be dragged (with them).” Hard to hear but you know it’s true.

(9) All Change starts with ME…it’s a choice.  What will I choose to do differently? Todd Davis 

Not proud to admit it but I used to really struggle with the “would you rather be right or happy” scenarios. Honestly, sometimes (most times) I wanted to be right …..but then I realized once I’d won the battle- I actually felt worse.

It took some time for me to understand that I was in complete control of my happiness, mood & response to every situation. And that I also had ALL the power to control the tone (happy, sad, mad, optimistic, etc.) of my environment.

We really do hold all the power – not our circumstances, job, spouse, family, ……

Change begins with you

Final thoughts

If you commit to start using even a few of these principles, then SUCCESS magazine achieved their goal…..which is to motivate & inspire people to build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

What are YOUR guiding life principles? Do they push you towards more happiness, growth and purpose? Are there any listed above that you need to start using more often?

I’m laser-focused on #8 – I LOVE the part about getting clear on “who you aren’t” and being brave enough to live an authentic life.

Let me know which message resonated with you the most?