COFFEE – your new Superfood!


I knew I had you at “coffee” 

Here’s a fun health tip/trick – a way to ENHANCE something you probably already do.

How to amp up your morning cup of coffee!

I LOVE finding NEW ways to take things we already do – like have coffee each morning – and make it even better.

I’ll admit – I’m not a coffee Connoisseur by any means  – actually not a fan of Starbucks  – it’s too strong for me.  (TBH:  I enjoy “Pike place” but have to add ice to dilute it a little).

But going into a Starbucks  – or waiting in line to get coffee -has never been my jam.

Coffee for Breakfast

I’m in the “don’t eat breakfast” club…..

Maybe you can relate and only eat breakfast on the occasional Sunday or if you’re on vacation. 

But don’t get me wrong – I AM a morning coffee drinker – and I drink it black. 

My husband however – is a totally different story.  He likes his coffee “extra dark, extra strong and adds TONS of EXTRAS!

We were headed out of town very early recently and stopped at our local Circle K.   They have SO many things you can add to a cup of coffee!  My gosh – I’ve never seen so many  syrups and flavors!! 

I was halfway done with my coffee and he was still making his concoction….which I knew was not going to end up anywhere near “healthy!”


That inspired me to test out NEW ways to enhance the flavor of our morning coffee – while also boosting it’s health benefits!

    • Our first brain-storm was to add a vanilla protein shake (single serve cartons of Premier Protein available at Costco & Wal-mart) 
    • Used the protein shake as a creamer – pleasantly surprised how much it enhanced the flavor
    • There are lots of flavor options: chocolate, vanilla, Oreo, banana, caramel & peach (maybe not peach in coffee?) 
    • My husband loves the banana flavor – (sounds a little weird but that way he also gets a little bit of nutrients in his stomach)
    • We also discovered that many of the companies that make “K-cups” already offer protein enhanced flavors.

I still prefer to brew a single K-cup …..  then “customize it”

by adding separate ingredients based on:

>  how I feel that day 

>  what my goals are

>  what I need to get accomplished

>  what else I did or did not eat

Besides, then I get to use my cool red hand-mixer……


Ideas for added boost to your Coffee 

** warning:  if you’re a tea drinker – this might entice you to switch things up!

Here are some ideas for making your coffee work for you –  

  1.  Add any high-quality chocolate or cocoa powder  – unsweetened actually makes your coffee     healthier
  2.  Add a TB of MCT oil which is super super healthy for your brain I buy directly from Bulletproof.
  3.  Add a TB of grass-fed butter and blend it  – makes it SO creamy & frothy!
  4.  Add a scoop of tasteless Collagen (the Vital Proteins brand – available @ Costco- provides you with 18 G protein & 20g collagen per each tasteless serving!)   It doesn’t change the texture or taste….crazy-smart way to get additional protein!
  5.  I bought the handheld blender in the pix above off Amazon (it was like $12).  It’s quick, cleans up easily and leaves you with a little froth on top once you’ve blended your coffee. 
  6.  Add some real vanilla.   That’s great flavor and vanilla enhances your cognitive abilities.
  7. Cayenne pepper  – not for me but lots of people like “hot & spicy.”  Cayenne revs up your         metabolism.  I just have no desire to work up a sweat drinking my AM coffee.
  8. Sprinkle some Cinnamon on top for added health benefits, a boost of flavor and a boost to your  metabolism.


Coffee Habits

Simple tweaks to the things / routine / habits you ALREADY do are the fastest and easiest way to incorporate NEW habits. 

In fact – I did a whole video on the concept of “habit-Stacking” over on my FB pageyou can watch it here.

Who would’ve ever thought “coffee” could be a Super-Food?!


I’d love to hear how you plan on “amping up”  your morning coffee.

Are you inspired to replace your creamer with a protein shake  – you know you want to!  (it’s SO good)

Come tell me over in the group @ The Juicy Life~

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