Community – get plugged back in

Imagine feeling unstoppable because you KNOW there’s a whole group that supports you, loves you and wants you to make all your dreams come true!

  • How would the choices you make change?
  • What would you “go for”
  • How would you show up in your relationships?
  • How would your energy level change?
  • How satisfied would you feel knowing you’re an important, contributing member of a nurturing group?

oh….and the Ripple effect is E-N-D-L-E-S-S

Connection to a Group = Virtual House Calls

The power of an organized group can help solve any problem by brainstorming within the group.

The group could help you come up with incredible solution oriented action steps  ….based off  REAL-LIFE experiences.  

Struggles like dealing with aging parents, starting a new business venture, money issues, time challenges, toxic or dead-end relationships, feeling stuck, boredom…..

It’ll be like making virtual house calls….

Some days you’re the Doctor and some days you’re the Patient.

We are already CONNECTED

We have all had unique life experiences but what we share and what connects us is our feelings.

  • we all know what it feels like to have your heart broken~
  • we all know what it feels like to be disappointed or SCARED~
  • we all know what it feels like to feel stuck, limited or ignored ~
  • we all know what it feels like to be frustrated or confused~

Not the ME mentality but the WE mentality

None of us need to suffer – or struggle  – or manage by ourselves.   

We’re not designed to “do life” alone.  We need each other.  

We can all benefit from our powerful collective wisdom.

What life experiences could YOU share that might help somebody else?

It doesn’t have to be a tragic event that you survived – maybe you’re a great mediator – or super-organized – or a visionary….or can offer a different perspective on things.

Even if I’m not looking for THAT particular skill – what you CAN teach me or someone else – is the way you approach things – what skill-set do you have that can transfer to other situations. 

Do NOT minimize those things/tasks/skills that you do automatically – just because something comes easily to you doesn’t mean it does for everyone.

Making ADULT friends can be hard and awkward

What am I supposed to do – chat you up in the grocery store?  OK – I actually LOVE doing that but then what?   

Wanna’ hang out?  Come here often? Let’s grab coffee?   AWKWARD

When we’re in school or groups – friends, teammates & acquaintances are automatic because we’re sharing a common goal …..

  • think about what groups or organizations you belong to as an ADULT.  (no, Netflix and Amazon don’t count)

Why do you belong to those groups?  

Do you feel like you have a lot to offer the other members?-  Do you like communication and engagement?

Share your Stuff!

So if I had a virtual bookstore  & YOU were a book on the bookshelf, what would your book title be?  What would you like to be known as the GO-TO resource for?

Would it be “How to make handmade jewelry” – or are you the “Comeback Queen?”

Is your zone of genius using “Food as Medicine” or “Dog training” 

– at this point in our lives….some of us have 30 years of experience in our “thing!” 

Maybe it’s problem solving – we can all use that.  

Hesitating keeps you disconnected

Stop hiding & hesitating – it’s time to get plugged back in – to YOUR life and to each other.  

If not – 

  • NOBODY benefits from your experiences 
  • NOBODY benefits from your wisdom 
  • NOBODY benefits from your Opinion or Perspective – 

Think about the person you’re NOT helping because you’re stuck in self-doubt.

Imagine if simply by SHARING your perspective- it helped somebody else question their “outdated or narrow-minded” thinking.  Hmmm never thought about it like that

This is the sign you’ve been looking for~

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