Do you have 3 people in your life who won’t let you fail?

Power of Connection

After wasting a bunch of years filled with self-doubt, over-drinking & walking around mad at the world…

I finally committed to becoming the BEST version of myself possible.  

But it’s hard….especially to do alone.

then I thought….I’m not the ONLY one trying to figure all this out~

So I’ve decided to find and connect with other women like me –

who’ve had enough of “lingering in the gray area” 

Tell me – what comes to mind for you when you read that phrase:  “best version of yourself?”

  • Successful business
  • Successful marriage/relationship
  • Healthy & fit
  • Plenty of money
  • Debt-free
  • Happy, healthy family
  • Making a difference/impact/serving
  • Giving back
  • Doing what makes you happy each day
  • Living 100% authentic life

Yes – you are right!

Connection to Self

Does spending time alone make you excited or sad?  For some people, spending time alone can be a gift.  

For others – the thought of being alone – especially with their own thoughts….is terrifying.

Self-proclaimed introverts need time alone to recharge.   But that doesn’t mean they want to be alone all the time.

Because we ALL need time alone to get re-centered – to get away from the daily noise and chaos.

Self-Connections questions to ask yourself

  1.       What are you doing when you feel your most authentic self?
  2.       What breaks your heart?  
  3.       What / Who will you go to bat for?  What do you absolutely NOT tolerate? 
  4.       What pushes your buttons and makes you angry? Why?
  5.       What do you REALLY (secretly) want to do but are too afraid to take the risk??
  6.       What do you feel your true calling is?  How have you been pulled to make an impact?

Connection to each other

Being the best version of YOU is a start….but it’s not enough. 

The GOAL then becomes:  to “be the best we can be” 

 – because now – that needs to include the health and well-being of others.   

Becoming the Best we can be TO each other, FOR each other.

Reaching and Helping each other in Community through Connection.

Connection in a Group

We each have our own secret “recipes” – how we’ve dealt with challenges, tragedies, births, deaths, endings, beginnings & by helping each other –  we help ourselves.

We can shorten the path and reduce the bumps in the road for each other.

And as important and valuable as the CONNECTION is – there’s also Accountability in a group.

You’re going to show up because even if you don’t feel like it – you know everyone else is counting on you to be there and participate.


Connection to Your BEST Self

When you create deep meaningful connections – those people become your coaches, guides and cheerleaders.

  • They won’t let you give up
  • They won’t let you play small
  • They won’t let you give in to Fear
  • They keep sight of your dreams when you’ve lost it
  • They remind you how strong and beautiful and necessary you are
  • They’ll say, “Stop that” 

Do you have 3 people in your life right now who won’t let you fail?

“To build a great authentic life, you need authentic relationships.  Great relationships are built out of generosity and authenticity.”  Keith Ferrazzi

Connection to Being Authentic

This is not about Hustle or Grind – but this IS about finding that “sweet spot” – where you’re not stuck reliving the past or worrying about the Future.

Feeling excited and Happy – being 100% present in the moment – every single day.

The other day I was sitting out back with Roxy – like we do every day during Happy/Yappy hour – and I was really feeling GRATEFUL for my life and the freedom I have.  

Beautiful late afternoon – lots of shadows on the mountains and there was a beautiful “water show” – (big sprayers on golf course)   

THIS life I’m living is the life I used to dream about.

What areas of your life have you manifested?

Being Connected = PEACE

Gosh – when’s the last time you used the word PEACE to describe your life?

Say it out loud – “PEACE” – and as you say it – close your eyes and feel it.

It’s that perfect alignment where there’s no struggle between your head and your heart.

It’s a refreshing level of contentment that comes from knowing

~ you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

~ doing what you’re supposed to be doing.   

Where is that place for you?  (hint: your new friends are waiting to connect with you)

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