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Happiness means different things to different people,

but there are similarities that have led scientists to believe

there’s a lot we can do to help ourselves along the path in our personal pursuit of Happiness.

In the end – that’s what we’re all striving for – to be Happy!


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Ultimate guide to Best Brain Foods

Let’s shift the focus from the size of our booty to the size (and health) of our Brains!

This free guide is a great first step in helping you establish a “mind-diet.”

**scoop from page 4:  “even though the brain is a tiny organ – it accounts for 2% of your body weight – it consumes 20% (!!) of your calories!”

Can you imagine feeling more alert, focused and balanced just from eating more intentionally?




Mini-mocktail recipe guide

     Let this mini-mocktail recipe booklet inspire you to create you OWN custom libations!

     Wine culture and drinking everyday used to be cool and IN – until in wasn’t.

  You don’t have to miss out on socializing…….

  ~the new COOL thing to do is make your health a priority!

  I knew you were part of the “in” crowd.



Beat the Funk workbook

Everyone gets into a funk from time to time

The key is to NOT get stuck there.

I created a guide to help you work through it and figure out what’s REALLY going o

Besides…the only kind of FUNK I ever want us to be in – is the music-kind

 ….”lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die….”

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