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Are you a MOM who used to dream about what life would be like once your kids left?

Imagining what you'd do with all that free time on your hands?

But now that the time has come - all you feel is sadness or despair as to what's next?

Knowing that nothing will give you the same sense of purpose as motherhood~

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Introducing: YOUR Empty Nest Adventure

WHAT:  A 4-week Adventure designed specifically to help you navigate this tricky milestone & get back on track to feeling like YOU again. 

Because this IS a time of great Adventure –  happy and long overdue in some aspects for some Mom’s – but for most of us, it’s a dramatic & emotional series of unexpected endings. 

WHY:  Nobody tells us the REAL pain of having children isn’t childbirth – it’s when they decide to leave the nest and go out on their own.

One of the hardest parts is to “think or seem” like you’re OK letting go.  All the while your heart is ripped in two.

HOW:  Spend the next 30 days working through your personalized ACTION plan. 

Everyone’s situation might be different, but the framework of Your Empty Nest Adventure is universal. 

Here's a birds eye view of the 4 Core Modules: (1 each week)



Making sense of it all.  What’s really going on?  

We’ll discuss the role of grief, why your situation is not so different and I’ll explain the Peacock Process.



Figuring out the dynamics of your newly-defined relationship with your adult son/daughter. 

 Pitfalls to avoid, action steps to take ~ we’ll cover it all.



How to fill that void – (OK gaping hole) left by your son/daughter. 

We’ll get re-connected.  

With yourself and with others. 



 this Module is called … “and she lived happily ever after.”

  What to do with all your newfound freedom & time.  This is where the “a-ha’s” happen.

hint:  The process is like buying a real estate property to “flip” except YOU’RE the flip! (rehab, investment, tear-down)


Self-talk that’ll keep you stuck (and sad):

#1:  30 days is a long time

YES – if you’re waiting for test results or have just started dating.

NO – if you’re working through an unfamiliar (heart-centered)  life transition & are determined to get it right the first time

#2:  I shouldn’t have to PAY someone to help me through this?

I’m sure you’re smart, you’re probably savvy and you’re a GREAT Mom.  In fact, that might be your superpower!

But when your primary focus over the last 17+ years is suddenly changed – you need new superpowers & skills.

What price would you pay to feel Happy & Hopeful again? 


How to describe an Empty Nest:

it's sad and it sucks

The end.

Well, that pretty much sums it up – except for “THE END” part.

 *  Navigating an Empty Nest is NEW territory. 

 *  You never thought you’d need a plan to help you adjust through this very emotional time. 

 *  Yes, the “raising children” chapter might be over but there’s another chapter waiting to be written.

Make this the day you decided to change your life. Not the day you decided to do nothing...again.


Since this is the BETA release, I’ll be limiting overall enrollment.   

That way I can be available for as much support as you want.

Take advantage of me now!


Special introductory pricing of only $197.00!

I am 100% committed to helping you get to the other side.  

It’s Happy, Fun & Loving over here.

We start 02/16/21!

Satisfaction GUARANTEE

I want you to sign up for Your Empty Nest Adventure at my risk.

Because I know it works but you don’t … yet!

  •     If you aren’t 100% satisfied and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately request a refund.
  •     I’m serious – I don’t want your money and I certainly don’t want to add any stress if you’re not happy.
  •     I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few hundred bucks.

 My goal is to lift you up & out of the “fog of sadness,” to WOW you with what I offer

& get you hooked on your next Adventure – The Juicy Life Membership!

  •         So please, try Your Empty Nest Adventure for the full 30 days. ( I am giving you the full time to be completely sure and utterly satisfied) I won’t take anything less.
  •         Let me help you navigate this tricky, emotional time so we can get you back on your Path to Happy!
  •         You could have another 50 years to live!

Go ahead & get registered today!

You have plenty of time to go through everything & decide if this is the right fit for you.  

You’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.

Sneak peek into the Future:

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Full transparency: I'm on a mission to create a community exclusively for Women over 50 & Empty Nesters. A community of women looking to create a Dynamic 2nd Chapter.

But before we do that - a lot of us share ONE big obstacle....
transitioning to an Empty Nest & figuring out WHO we are once our kids leave.

That's the motivation behind this course. It's really STEP #1 in our relationship.
To help you come out the other side Ripe & Ready for your next Adventure!

"Because the BEST days may still lay ahead...especially if we commit to making them so."

You don't get old based on how many years you've lived.
You get old because you've stopped living / checked out.
It's all about your decisions~ not your conditions.
marjorie adams-fiore

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