How To Attract More Synchronicity in Your Life

How to attract more Synchronicity in your life!

Can Thoughts really become things??  Can we simply Believe & Receive?

Let me ask you this:  Have you ever been stressed & confused whether or not to make a big move and then the next person you see is wearing a “Nike –Just Do It” shirt?

Did you chat up a stranger at some event you really didn’t want to attend – that led to a life-changing opportunity?

Have you ever asked yourself,  “Wow – did I somehow make that happen?

Just Did It!

We all have stories of bizarre coincidences.  Crazy, seemingly-unrelated situations that were somehow related.  Your initial reaction might have been “Wow, that was weird…!”  But if your next thought was a combination of being a little excited and a LOT curious – keep reading…..  

What do synchronicity signs mean?

I started noticing that I would see the same numbers – 10 22 – ALL THE TIME!  Mid-morning I’d just happen to look at the clock at 10:22 – or at night before bed, I’d check the time – at exactly 10:22!   Hmmm, was that a coincidence?   As  I started to notice it happening more often it freaked me out a little.

Then I started to wonder  -if maybe those were signs –  and someone or something was trying to tell me something? I knew that certain number sequences (11:11, 3333, etc.) meant certain things.  But in this case – 10 22 happens to be my Birthday so I was really curious!

I quickly convinced myself that it meant I was here for a reason and big things were expected of me (cue trumpets playing in the background).

I was also pretty sure that constantly seeing my birth date was a reminder that “time is ticking” – stop wasting your life.   Synchronicity

Life is a gift and you are supposed to be using your gifts and talents as a Thank you to the Universe.

We are not supposed to settle and live in a Grey Twilight.→

Pressure, pressure, pressure – or

Inspiration & motivation

YOU hold all the power over Synchronicity showing up in your Life

Is it possible that we have control – or at least an impact – over Synchronicity showing up our life?”

Are they messages from a higher power – just plain coincidences? 


Is there anything you CAN do to increase the frequency of experiencing these signs in your daily life?

I’ll answer that question first– YES, most definitely YES – but before I tell you HOW, let me explain the phenomenon known as Synchronicity.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung created and defined the term Synchronicity and summed it up as “synchronicities mirror deep psychological processes and carry messages the way dreams do.”

Synchronicities are more about the connection between your emotions or inner life – and what’s happening on the outside – the majority of which we can manifest.

One of my favorite reads is Mike Dooley’s Manifesting Change.“ In it he says, “Our thoughts have an energy and life force all their own, which literally rearranges the players and circumstance of our lives and predisposes us to the so-called accidents, coincidences and synchronicities that WILL produce our brand new manifestations.”

He explains that our thoughts literally become the things and events of our lives.   This is the power of FOCUS.

Another wonderful explanation of synchronicity comes from an article I found in Psychology Today – …..” and depending on how you understand it, synchronicities are minor miracles that can inform you, primarily through intuition and emotion, how near or far you are from “the path with heart.”

That’s my #1 goal with this entire blog   – discovering ways of designing my life so that my head and heart are in total alignment.  Synchronicities are a glimpse of what’s possible – limited only by our imagination.


What can you do to increase the frequency of Synchronicities?

Here are 5 ways to ask for signs from the Universe:

Raise or shift your vibration

Become highly aware of your thoughts.   Visualize with emotion or read an inspiring bookFind something beautiful and appreciate it.  One of the hardest things to understand is that we are energetic/vibrational beings and we attract what we radiate out. It’s exciting to know once we learn how to sense and control the vibrational frequencies we’re radiating out – we can intentionally shift our frequency to attract what we want.  Sounds difficult and intense…..intense=yes / difficult=no.

Work to maintain a feeling of well being as long as possible ~ this equals the frequency of feeling good.  Practice your alignment to maintain your vibration. YOU are the creator of your own reality.  You have creative control over your experiences due to your vibrational control.

Ask – Universe answers – Ask – Universe answers (comes in a vibrational form). You have to line up with and become a vibrational match – FEEL like it FEELS to have it (money, abundance, love, intimacy, etc.)

Feel it as if it is – if you want it to be.  Read this line again.  “Act as if” – show up as the best version of yourself and you’ll start to create the same patterns and habits – things will start to show up.

Set your intention

Either through affirmations or meditation – understanding that your default setting is to Thrive.

Develop a habit of being courageous – intentionally changing those areas of your life that aren’t working.

Synchronicity - set your intention

 In Manifest your Destiny, Wayne Dyer offers this simple affirmation to keep the energy flowing. “I am infinite and universal and I trust in the divine power of the universe, which is also within me.” He says that by stating this kind of affirmation daily, you let go of your minds’ natural impatience and attachment to the outcome.

Be open to receiving

You must believe that the Universe has your back (Thanks Gabby…→) and that everything is working out in your favor.

Prime your mind – trust that you are a clear channel for divine inspiration and action.   When we learn to recognize signals and are open to receiving these signals – it prepares our heart and soul.  Then we can better understand how each sign might be part of a bigger puzzle or message.

Only those who are conscious of it will experience the benefits.  Not everything that happens is a sign –but  you must stay open.

Make it a practice to use those instances to “get centered” and realigned with the Universe.

When these moments happen to me – I literally find myself taking a deep breath in and exhaling as my chest sinks down.  I try to be in complete “receiving mode”….pausing to take in that moment – sometimes I even say “Thank you!”

Accept that you are an effortless creator

Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality –

I love this explanation from the book Manifesting Change“You are an effortless creator because you effortlessly think, and your life is a living testimonial.  Nothing gets in the way of our thoughts becoming the things and events of our lives. Our thoughts have an energy and life force all their own.”  This is why you need to choose good thoughts!  If you continue to attract what you don’t want – it’s because your thoughts are on the wrong things.

Good attracts good – live each day as a conscious creator

Synchronicity requires being relaxed

It cannot be demanded or forced.  Stress, anxiety or getting the ego involved (oh please don’t do that…..immediate deal breaker) breaks our natural communication with this energetic field.

Our function is not to create – but to attract.  To transform one form of energy into another.  The ability to convert the energy of our thoughts into energy of matter.

Key to Synchronicity happening is Awareness

The key is Awareness – don’t let those moments pass you by.  If you are walking around all day “addicted to distraction” you’ll miss those precious signs or messages.

You’ll find that once you start recognizing these signs – and once you believe they’re signs confirming you’re on the right path – you’ll start to see them all the time!  Imagine getting these signals every day~ how motivating and exciting would that be?!

Synchronicity - a wink from the Universe

If you are still skeptical at this point – I challenge you to simply focus on your awareness and to be open to receiving these messages.  NO – you cannot just think of yourself winning the lottery and have it happen (yet…….)

Why not start by increasing those daily signs from the Universe?

Tell me some examples of Synchronicity showing up in your life~