Meditation tips for beginners

Stop waiting

You can’t afford to wait any longer to start a daily meditation practice.

Don’t think of it as “one more thing you have to do” – think of it as a way to manage what you’re thinking about.

Being purposeful about your day instead of reactive.

Imagine the effect of taking a little focused time each day to work on changing your beliefs (which are the thoughts you keep thinking over & over based on PAST experiences) and perception about yourself & your life.

What if you became the CREATOR of your life?-

WHY you need to Meditate every day

Joe Dispenza:  “Thoughts are the language of the brain – feelings are the language of the body.  How you think & feel is your “being.”

70% of the time you’re living in stress/survival mode = REACTION mode.

Living in a state of “separateness” you’re there and I’m here…with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Proven Health Benefits:

Meditation has scientific proven health benefits and is the anti-dote to your stress/survival mode.

It clears your mind while helping to relieve anxiety and depression.

Meditation may also help with chronic illnesses and lowering blood pressure.

How to Meditate

There are lots of different types of meditation and just as many ways to meditate. I’ve picked a few quick ways for you to get started that do not require special equipment, zen rooms or large chunks of of time.

These mini-meditations are called micro-meditations.

A “micro-meditation” is a small period of awareness we can integrate into our daily lives. It might be a mindfulness-based exercise, a breathing technique or a short meditation. 

Why wait until there’s a crisis to try to change things?  You can meditate in crisis or you could meditate when your life is going good. 


Reactive or Proactive 
You have to get beyond the analytical mind.  That’s where the subconscious mind and the conscious mind connect.

You simply need to “get to  – and stay in”  – a state of elevated emotions:

  • Joy
  • Gratitude
  • Inspiration

Primarily Gratitude  – which puts you in receiving/reception mode. (this is where it gets juicy!)


You can only be in receiving mode if you’re in a state of gratitude 


They key is to make meditation a daily habit. 

It will change your life. Re-read that first sentence.  No “maybe” – it WILL change your life!

Once you start noticing the benefits of focusing your mind, you’ll notice your meditation practice increasing over time. 

Quick tips include:

    1. Be more deliberate: Train your brain to be mindful.
    2. Engage all the senses to really focus on what you’re experiencing.   This could be on a walk, hike, playing with your dog, at an event,   etc. What do you smell, hear, see, etc.
    3. Box breathing: provides an immediate sense of calm.
    4. Controlling your breath is an important part of meditation and can be used alone.
      • find a quiet place (if possible) and sit comfortable with your feet on the floor
      • close your eyes & breath in through your nose to a slow count of 4
      • hold the inhale for another slow count of 4 (letting air fill your lungs)
      • breathe out through your mouth to a slow count of 4
      • repeat 2-3 times to calm your nerves and feel relaxed

How the magic of Meditation happens

This is the BEST explanation – from Dr. Joe Dispenza:

“How you think and how you feel broadcasts out vibrational energy

& influences what you attract.

Change your Energy = Change your Life

If knowledge is power – than knowledge about yourself in self-empowerment.”

How to make this work for you

Become aware of what anchors you to the past.

Close your eyes and mentally imagine the act of rehearsing who you want to be and what you want.

Get in that creative state – shifts your personality (new personal reality)

Know your “personal control panel” which important switch will you turn on?

Set intentions~choose thoughts & feelings~to become a different person.

meditate near flowing water

        Observe your thoughts like the flowing water. Letting them just pass through.

Develop your Meditation muscle

Meditation is like sitting by the bank of a river, watching the water flow by.

From time to time, we get pulled into the (thought) stream, but that’s OK. In fact, pulling ourselves out to again sit and watch is the heart of the practice.

As with building muscle, the more we “work out” certain neural pathways, the stronger they become.

We can generate more calm & happiness in our life simply by practicing these emotions. 

Interesting fact:  This is the exact same technique we’ve habitually used when we’ve programmed negative emotions.

We can do the same for patience, love, passion & joy!

Meditation can reprogram your Brain

We are not stuck with the personality we created as a child.  We can absolutely reprogram our brain at any age.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize new connections, especially in response to learning or experiences. This includes our environment, thoughts and emotions.

Meditation is FREE, EASY and another beneficial way to protect our precious brain as we age gracefully!

It’s never to late to start your Meditation practice~

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