Why can’t the 5:AM club start at 6:30 (ish)

Yes – my impatient-Type-A-multi-tasking-self is looking for an easy way to join “the club.”

What is the 5:AM club and who started that?

Most people see the “5 AM” part and scroll on by..…..they completely miss the Morning Routine idea.

The 5 AM Club was formed 20 years ago by Robin Sharma, an elite performance expert. His 5:00 morning “routine” included scheduling blocks of time for exercise, planning and learning.

but.….I’m finally at a point where I have the luxury of making my own schedule – designing my days – why on earth would I get up before the sun?

Some days I love sleeping in – just because I can~ …most of the time though – if I get up any later than 7:00 my morning disappears. I’m consumed by “putting out fire tasks- now, now, now” that are required by other people.

Getting up Early

Those are the days I blink and realize I’m still in my pajamas with bedhead at 11:30 &  I haven’t even looked at MY to-do list yet?

Benefits of Getting up Early

The benefits of getting up early – while the rest of the world is still sleeping – far outweigh the pleasure of sleeping in.

Here’s a few ways you’ll benefit by becoming an early riser:

  • Stress levels decline – you don’t jump out of bed in reactive mode.
  • Quality of sleep improves– once your body adjusts and you start going to bed earlier
  • You get to marvel at the beauty of a Sunrise – I can’t think of a more magical way to start each day.
  • You’ll be more productive – this quality, uninterrupted time is priceless ~ you get to work on whatever you want (goals, dreams, visions)
  • Increased sense of satisfaction – realizing how much you’ve already accomplished before 8:00 is a huge mood-booster!
  • You get to plan your day – focusing on the most important things you must get done, planning the things you want to get done and creating future goals.
  • You are calmer – you’ve taken the time to plan, reflect and focus….which prepares you to handle any unexpected surprises.
  • You’ll experience more creativity & growth every day – how many people do you know that can say that?
  • You’re more excited about life – you’ll experience a growing sense of power….of being unstoppable!

Imagine experiencing these benefits EVERY~SINGLE~DAY………just because you got up a little earlier.

Morning Routine

By simply PLANNING your day and being DELIBERATE about how you spend your time – you’ll gain a different level of control over your life. You’ll actually discover MORE time in the day.

Morning Routine Motivation

You CAN transform your mornings from Chaos into Calm. Attack your day with excitement and energy instead of operating in a constant state of reaction (stress) & dread.

For most people, this magic window is from 5:AM – 8:AM – before all the distractions & interruptions start.

You are most creative and productive when you first get up. Your brain is rested and your mind is clear.

You’re not – yet – distracted by news and emails. You can get more done in this one block of uninterrupted time than you’ll accomplish on most days.

Did yesterday’s “to-do” list suddenly become today’s? Stop playing an endless game of “beat the clock.” (spoiler alert…you’ll never win)

Get up early

Do you attack your day or does your day attack you?


Morning Routine Tips

Creating a morning routine doesn’t require a major overhaul where you take a life assessment quiz, analyze top 12 categories, rank them, assign each a color, and then develop an action plan, etc…….NOOOOO!

This is about Building, Creating and Designing your Life!

It DOES require you to make the CHOICE to CHANGE.

Don’t turn the calendar to yet another month with nothing new or different or exciting happening in your life.
Stop having one “grey” day  roll into the next.

Maybe you already have a journaling or meditation routine (good for you!) or – you never miss an early morning workout….(perfect!)

That’s the beauty of a morning routine – it’s YOURS to personalize….use it to fill in those gaps & get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Your 1st priority: is to figure out WHEN you’re most frazzled (morning rush, 5:30 pm when everyone’s hangry, as you’re going to or from work) and pick new habits that will make your life easier.

Morning Routine Goals

Your 2nd priority: is to identify in WHAT AREAS you’re still struggling to reach personal or professional goals. Pick habits that will move you in the direction of your goals.

Morning Routine Ideas

Here’s a “new habit idea” list to get you started:

TIP select habits that can be combo’d-up (journaling & gratitude, clearing out drawers & donation bag, foam rolling & deep breathing)

PLAN YOUR DAY – set your intention and list the 3 things you MUST get done

EXERCISE – do something that gets your heart rate up and blood pumping (high knees, jumping jacks, jump lunges, etc.) There are tons of excellent videos available online. Find one that suits your fitness level. Minimum of 10-15 minutes.

Practice VISUALIZATIONthis habit is a game-changer. When you imagine a goal or dream as already being complete – using lots of detail & emotion – your brain records it as a REAL memory!

MEDITATE or PRAY– you have a zillion options here – guided, quiet, moving (yes), mini, micro, meditation app, etc. You MUST start a meditation practice. Start small if you have to – but work up to at least 15 minutes.

Watch an inspirational TED TALK – these short presentations are amazing. You’ll gain a new perspective and expand your mind by getting out of your own head for 15 minutes.

Use a FOAM ROLLER while you practice DEEP BREATHING (this is a dual-POWER habit ). Here are 3 breathing techniques created by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

Listen to a PODCAST (motivational, inspirational or educational) – everybody has a podcast these days. Search the app by browsing “Top Charts or individual Categories.”

CLEAN OUT & ORGANIZE one drawer or cabinet.
Clearing clutter in your home also clears it in your mind.

Set up a DONATION BAG in your closet – put in 5 things every other day. Drop off on Saturdays.

STRETCH – find a challenging morning-power-stretch video on YouTube (appropriate for your level). Save it to “reminders” on your phone so you can quickly find it each morning.

Text or email and old FRIEND you’ve been thinking about – it’s beneficial for you and might just be the connection they need.

SORT (toss, file) – that pile of papers, mail, magazines on your table, desk, etc. That clutter is screwing up your focus.

THROW IN A LOAD OF LAUNDRY – or put that pile of clothes away (completing any household task(s) will make end of day easier)

Make a Super-Food POWER SMOOTHIE for breakfast – find top recipes that suit your goal (weight-loss, meal replacement, energy, nutrition, etc.)

Make your AM COFFEE work overtime- add ingredients for increased energy, focus and weight-loss! Go full Bulletproof – or one step further by experimenting with cinnamon, collagen and cacao.

Plan what you’re doing/making/having for DINNER – check pantry and fridge for ingredients needed and make a grocery list.

Empty or load/run the DISHWASHER

JOURNAL – simply write whatever is on your mind. You can list dreams, goals, worries, wishes or just random thoughts. This primes your mind for clarity and creativity.

TIDY UP a few rooms – make your bed already!

Work on your “GOAL” PROJECT (book, side job, design project) for a solid 15 minutes -this will get your creative juices flowing.

GET OUTSIDE and prune flowers, feel the grass under your bare feet or clean up the yard.

List 7 BIG GOALS, DREAMS or IDEAS – this plants a seed in your subconscious and long-term memory.

READ something FUNNY or a good news article. Yes – “good news” sites really exist.

List (on paper or in your journal) 5 specific things you are GRATEFUL for. You must hand-write them….trust me.

WALK around the block – listen to your favorite music, repeat affirmations or just enjoy nature.

At a minimum:

Do something each morning to Move your Body

Do something each morning to Prime your Mind 

Do something each morning to Grow/Learn

This is not about willpower – it’s about being deliberate ….setting yourself up for success. It’s about being laser-focused on mastering those areas you’re struggling with.


I’m so excited for you!!!!……..Pay close attention to the little shifts you start to feel (happier, more productive, calmer, more focused, energized, motivated)…….. YOU tell me?


When you amp up your self-care and take time for “self-management” …… everyone benefits! You’re a better spouse, friend, parent, – you’re a better YOU.

Just like anything else worth doing – you’re gonna have to put in the work. Robin Sharma described it best when he said, “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.” 

“Do something epic with your life – be willing to do what only 5% are willing to do.”

Robin Sharma

What if your schedule just doesn’t work for getting up at 5:am?

Truth be told – it really doesn’t matter what time you get up – you can do your morning routine habits – which are really “success habits” – any time of the day.

The key is to guard that time as sacred “self-care” time.


This is NOT about jamming your day with more stuff to do. It’s about helping you PLAN and be DELIBERATE about how you think, what you do, and how you spend your precious time.

Take advantage of this time to discover and become your true self. Stop wasting time on unimportant things and create a plan that allows you to do what matters most- to YOU.

Lucky, lucky you.

Now, the best part of my day is that magical hour where it’s just me and the sunrise – both warming up. (unless it’s Summer time – then it’s just hot and hotter here in the desert 24/7…it’s hot)

What does your morning routine look like? Do you have a set of success habits you run through? What self-management tricks do you use?

Oh – before I forget…..I wanted to ask you and about your nightly routine……

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